How did I end up here?

I love to eat

A lot of people enjoy eating and I am one of them. Eating out is not always an option so when I crave for a dish, I have to make it myself. And that was how I learn to cook. Living so far from home (Malaysia) makes me miss the wonderful and incredible Malaysian food. Never thought I would miss the food stalls and late night restaurants. Never thought to learn to cook the dishes when I was home, taking them for granted. Until I moved to the US, I had to learn how to cook them to eat them.

I am adventurous

Trying new food is probably one of my hobbies. It’s amazing to see how creative people are with ingredients they have. It also motivates and encourages me to be a better cook.

I love to share

It makes me happy when people enjoy my cooking. That is one of the main reason I became a cook. I am very thankful for all the support I had gotten from families and friends. They have encouraged me to come so far.

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