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Frozen Hand Pies for Week of September 23

Let’s eat some Mexican hand pies this week!

1. Carnitas – Slow cooked pork, onions, cilantro, chihuahua cheese, lime
2. Chicken Fajita – Grilled chicken thigh, onions, peppers, chihuahua cheese
3. Grilled Portobello and Spinach (Vegetarian) – Grilled portobello mushroom, spinach, peppers, onions, Monterey Jack cheese

You know the drill! Regular size hand pies are for $15 per half-a-dozen and sample size hand pies are for $8 per half-a-dozen. You could mix-and-match. Order by Thursday, 09/26 and you could either pick them up or have them delivered (only in Central and South Austin areas) with no extra-charge, on Sunday, 09/29.

PM me if you would like to place an order. Minimum order is 6 hand pies. Please include the size, filling(s), pick-up or delivered. If you want them delivered, please include your address.

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